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Early Childhood at Providence

At Providence we know that supporting the early years of children’s lives is one of the best investments we can make as a community.

Evidence shows that an active, safe, supported and connected childhood is one of the greatest ways to help put a child on positive life course trajectory, socially, emotionally, intellectually and even economically (and not just for the child but for their children also).

We are committed to helping create childhoods where children thrive and parents feel connected and supported. Some of the ways we are working towards achieving this include:

  1. Supporting children to share in the fun of playing and learning. This is a priority for us and with the support of Mission Australia, Communities for Children, we are proud to offer playgroups two days per week with a focus on early childhood development and parent connection and support – Baby Playtime and Playgroup.
  2. Adopting a child-friendly communities approach. We are proud to say that Providence has played a pivotal role in creating the network Building A Child & Youth Friendly Ripley Valley.  We believe that, as a community, how we value our children will influence their self-worth, self-esteem, and the capacity to have a voice within their community.
  3. Working towards building an active, safe and healthy childhood via our partnership with Nature Play Queensland. Providence is the first property developer to partner with Nature Play Queensland as we work together to encourage the value of nature play, and support families to prioritise it in children’s lives.  This is being developed both in our program of activities and in the development of our spaces and places. More information on Nature Play here.
  4. Recognising that children’s health and parent support is critical.  Ipswich and West Moreton Health provide key services for these years at Providence – every Monday you will find the Midwifery Group Practice  Tuesday with the Midwives Clinic, and every Thursday with Baby Drop-in Clinic.
  5. Supporting parents and caregivers to connect, make friendships and to find out how to get support from the wider Ipswich networks. We recognise that building online communities is important so we provide support to the community-run Facebook group Providence Mummy’s.  We know that parent-led activities and groups are essential and we support parents to drive and lead childhood activities, services and initiatives.
  6. Co-designing and delivering spaces, places, services, activities and events around the people who live here, their needs and wants. This is a fundamental part of what we do.  To better understand our community, we have created a resident’s survey.  If you live at Providence, and you have children, please help us design and deliver around you and your family by completing this survey.
  7. Being active and healthy. We create open spaces, street, and neighbourhoods where children and their parents can play, socialise and grow. Find out more about places & spaces here.

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