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Providence Community Development

At Providence, community development means a lot of things.  It’s a whole host of initiatives that help build and support a unique and diverse community.  We like to think that we are bringing back the good old neighbourhood values and living, but it is actually a lot more than that.

Our commitment to the community comes from the very foundations of the ‘who’ and ‘why’ Providence was created in the first instance.  It is this vision and drive to truly develop community, that stands us apart.

Community development at Providence takes on many forms, such as:

  • Events to connect the neighbours – we host regular events and activities such as community BBQs, inviting a neighbour over for dinner, outdoor movies or school holiday activities.
  • A full-time Providence community development manager who helps the community make their goals and aspirations become a reality
  • Provision of community learning and development opportunities with a focus on early childhood and child-friendly communities
  • Community facilities and places and spaces for community
  • Providing logistical support for groups and community leaders to form and develop
  • Truly knowing who the community is, their needs and wants.  This is achieved by canvassing feedback and data from the community to help plan and deliver services and infrastructure.  You will find our residents survey here.
  • Instilling a passion and love for community, the environment, health & well-being and connection in all that we do
  • Supporting local businesses to grow and prosper
  • Helping build a positive and healthy culture and traditions for a new community
  • Building strong community and stakeholder partnerships

Most importantly community development at Providence means community building and empowerment.  We recognise that the people who live here are the most valuable asset that this community has; their wisdom, experiences, passion, sense of pride and connection to each other make this a place like no other.  Therefore, community development to us means supporting the people who live here to run and manage their own groups, activities and initiatives.  This Providence community website has been created to showcase the amazing people who make this community all that it is and are the backbone of all that we do.

Providence Residents Survey

Community Development Manager

Felicity’s role is to help welcome and connect you to your new community, to help grow and deliver community events and programs and to foster community leadership and groups.  So please, if you haven’t already, drop in and say hello to Felicity.

You will find Felicity at the Providence Centre most days throughout the working week.  Or you can send her an email, give her a call on 0408 314 525 or send her a message via Facebook.

Providence Community Development Manager – Felicity Hill

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