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Building Child & Youth Friendly Communities

Building a Child & Youth Friendly Ripley Valley

Partnerships between government, business, health, local cultural and community organisations and services, community, families and children are essential for building communities.  It truly does take a community to raise a child.  For several years we have been working with stakeholders to help ensure that child-friendly is fundamental to this region and to bring many and varied stakeholders together under a common umbrella.

Why? We believe that the greatest difference we can make for a whole community is making sure that those young people within it are given the best possible opportunities to be happy, healthy and prosperous.   Evidence shows that supported, connected, healthy early years are crucial for a happy and healthy life course trajectory (not just for the child but for their children also).

If you have any interest in supporting or being part of a child-friendly movement, please contact Felicity on 0403 314 525 or email

Building a Child-Friendly Community has many members, with the key drivers being Providence,  Mission Australia Communities for Children, USQ Institute for Resilient Regions, Natureplay Qld, Ipswich City Council and West Moreton Health.

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