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Exhibitors & Stall Holders at Providence Creative Hub

All Works on Display at the Providence Creative Hub are for Sale.

Works are created by local artisans within the Ripley Valley and Ipswich regions.

We invite you to explore the works and the creatives behind these works on the links below.

Keep an eye out for our first pop up shop and mini-markets at Providence Calendar of Events.

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Providence Creative Hub Sellers Directory

Providence’s Creative Hub Opens with Poetry!   

“Forgiving Reflections” is a collection of poetry written by Neen Cohen and Jacinta Goodsell and it is the first of many local works to feature at the new Providence Creative Hub.

Neen is a Providence local, full-time mum, employee and author.   Forgiving Reflections is her first poetry collection but her short stories and drabbles can be found in anthologies though several different publishers.   Neen has received her first publishing contract and her novella is due to be released later this year.

Forgiving Reflections” is an honest and raw collection that will resonate with anyone who has experienced self-doubt and wrestled with the idea ‘am I good enough?”  Neen’s journey and her battles with self-doubt, to her growth of being confident in herself and her own writing, is inspiring.  It is a powerful discovery and one that Neen wants to share with others through a series of writing workshops.   In these workshops, Neen will help you understand your value and that no one else has your unique perspective.  “If you think you aren’t good enough or interesting enough to write, these workshops are designed especially for you”.

Depending on interest, Neen is also looking at developing some self-publishing workshops  Neen’s workshops will be coming to Providence soon , please email Neen on  to join the waiting list.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Forgiving Reflections in paperback, as a print your own or as an ebook.  Purchase your copy here.

Little Wood Frog finds a Home at Providence Creative Hub

When mother of two Chelsie, sat down to watch David Attenborough and it was life-changing!   The documentary was about a Wood Frog and how they adapt to freezing temperatures.

Chelsie was so inspired; she wrote a book for children called “Little Wood Frog”.    Little Wood Frog is a self-published educational story.   It has been written to spark conversations that will get the whole family involved.   People who read The Little Frog to their children often find themselves in research mode, wanting to find out more.   Installing this kind of curiosity and excitement around discovery and conversation is a valuable childhood learning experience and one that Chelsie, hopes her book will bring to children.  Little Wood Frog is illustrated by Sandra Herrgott.

Chelsie has also established Tangs Twinkle Toes.  Tangs offers programs for children aged 0 to 5 years that like her book, are also designed to inspire curiosity and learning.   Bang the Drum is a weekly program held in the parks at Providence, providing the opportunity for children to explore and experiment with drums from around the world.   Through interactive play and storytelling, Bang the Drum is a great way to introduce sounds.   And if you are wondering where the name Tangs comes from it is inspired by Chelsie’s heritage and family.  The name Tang is a shortened version of Tangopai.  Tanopai is a name given to Chelsie by her grandmother who was a chieftain in New Guinea.

If being a full-time mum, writing children’s books and establishing early childhood programs is not enough, Chelsie is also creating youth programs.   Chelsie has many years’ experience in youth work and development and a love of working with teens and tweens.   Chelsie will be developing some local youth programs later this year to help build self-esteem, knowledge and friendships.    If you would like to express your interest or provide feedback to Chelsie on what you would like to see, please email her at

Little Wood Frog is on display at the Providence Creative Hub.  If you would like to purchase a copy go to Chelsie Doherty Writes or keep an eye out for the Creative Hub’s first pop up shop.

To attend a Bang the Drum session visit, find out when they are on and book your spot via Tang’s Facebook Page

Stunning Wire Sculptures Feature at Providence Creative Hub

Twisted Wire Sculpture Fairies are our feature display at the newly forming Providence Creative Hub.  The fairies sculptures are not only captivating, they also have a very beautiful story behind them.

The wire fairies (and bird) at Providence are created by Springfield sculptor, Tania Harris.  Over the years, Tania has created works from most mediums and has always loved arts and being creative.   But when faced with personal loss and heartache, Tania needed to find a medium that truly represented her journey and could help her heal.   It is not surprising; she was drawn to wire.  Wire has a raw harshness and strength to it but when challenged it can form into great beauty and movement.  Tania has found solace and joy in bringing her wire sculptures to life and she hopes that you can too.

Her first creation is a fairy named Trinity and she is on display at the Creative Hub.  Trinity has a little button heart sewn with wire inside her chest. Why a button heart?  In Tania’s childhood, when she would come to her mother within times of troubles, her mother would say ‘I wish I could sew a button on it’ (to fix it).   Trinity also has the seeds of ‘Gypsophilia’ also known as ‘Baby’s Breath’ sewn into her empty tummy, to represent the struggle of coping with infertility and loss.    Trinity has taken over 270  metres of wire to build and she stands approx 52cm tall plus her wingspan. Each piece created by Tania is made with love, handcrafted, one of a kind, original.

Tania has since created many fairies, each one handcrafted for its owner as an expression of love and learnings.   Whilst, the wire fairies on display at Providence Creative Hub, are not for sale, Tania is open for private commissions.  During the commission process, Tania works with you to create a piece that tells your story and has deep and personal meaning for you.  It not just about creating a striking piece of artwork but it about creating something that makes your heart sing and heal every time you see it.

Tania’s artwork is unique and each piece comes signed and with its own certificate of authenticity.    For those interested in commissioning a twisted wire sculpture, please contact Tania on  or phone 0437 755 881

Tania is also considering hosting workshops to teach you how to make your own twisted wire works. If this is something that interests, you please email Tania with your expression of interest and join the waiting list.

Providence local, Peta Missick is the co-founder of Whanau & Co.

When a friend’s daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia, it began a search for affordable, natural safe products.  What Peta quickly discovered was that they weren’t easy to find and those that were, weren’t always the ‘real deal’.  This journey led to the creation of Whanau & Co.     Whanau & Co produce affordable, ethically, and environmentally conscious, handmade repurposed soy candles and sustainable items such as beeswax wraps and lip balm.  Whanau is Maori for family.

Health and the environment are always considered when creating and developing products.  It is the values and thought that go behind each item that makes them so much more.  Take for example, the soy candles which are hand-poured, made from 100% all-natural soy wax, and are scented all the way through with carefully curated fragrances.  Soy produces a longer, cleaner burn than scented candles made with other materials and they are virtually soot-free and don’t give off toxic fumes. Dye-free soy candles have the added benefit of being crafted using lead-free wooden and corded wicks. Each candle is handcrafted using beautiful repurposed containers sourced from all over Queensland.   Best of all, you can bring your container back to be re-filled, so there is no waste.  Or if you something you already have that would like to repurpose as a candle, Peta can fill it for you.

We are looking forward to Peta hosting workshops at the Providence Community Centre soon.   They will be a great opportunity for you to make your own homeware and personal products like beeswax wraps and candles.   Beeswax is a natural antiseptic, so you don’t have to worry about germs, and they are versatile, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and with the right care, each one can last up to a year.  This will be a great workshop!

To purchase an of Peta’s products message her on the Whanau & Co Facebook page or Instagram.

One of the first things that catch your eye on viewing the Providence Creative Hub is the original oil painting by emerging artist Shaun Connolly “Poppy Memories”.  This piece was intended to highlight the ANZAC spirit and depicts the four major conflicts the Australian and New Zealand forces have been a part of. As a serving member, this piece holds personal significance to Shaun and reflects his respect to all those who came before him and the sacrifices they made.  This piece is for sale and all proceeds will be donated to a defense-related charity.

You will find two other pieces of Shaun’s work displayed at the Creative Hub.  A Kookaburra and Cockatoo, both for sale. Shaun mainly works with oil paints on Canvas board and enjoy bright colours and bold textures.  His influences come from his upbringing and heritage. Shaun is also available to do commissioned pieces upon request.

To discover more of Shauns work,  visit Shaun’s Facebook page.   If you would like to purchase any of his works please email or phone 0400 610 591.

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