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Welcome to the Providence Community

Our community, the Heart & Soul of Providence

Welcome to Providence Community, a progressive, vibrant and modern new community that boasts true neighbourhood living.


Providence Community is a place where the people who live here bring their wisdom, experiences, passion, sense of pride, friendliness and commitment to make this a place like no other.  Whether it is fitness class, book club, a board game night or the annual Heart & Soul Festival,  the people who live in and around Providence are the people who run many of the groups and activities you’ll find here.

So, join us and them to find out what is on, who is making it happen and how you can get involved.


Upcoming events in our community

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Providence is the largest new residential community within the Ripley Valley. Stretching over 670-hectares, it is a master-planned community that when completed, 20,000 people will call home. On completion, it will comprise of:

  • 7000 homes
  • Two high schools and two primary schools
  • Major sport grounds
  • Retail and dining

  • A health and wellbeing hub

  • 200ha of parkland and reserves

Boasting the largest area of parklands and active recreational space in the region, Providence brings people home to a natural environment and connected community.

To find out more visit providenceripley.com.au 


A commitment to creating places throughout the community that genuinely engage residents. Fostering a ‘contemporary valley village’ ambience, through capturing the essence of a relaxed, friendly and safe community.

Boasting the largest area of parklands and active recreational space in the region, Providence brings people home to a natural environment where being active is second nature.
Providence embraces community feedback in its evolution, with the residents contributing as place-shapers, with housing options and facilities designed to respond to the changing needs of the community.

Connected walkable neighbourhoods, NBN for internet speed, community connections, events and neighbourhood services. Centrally located for great connections to Greater Springfield and Ipswich.

This video was created in 2014 before any homes were built at Providence.  It is an old video but it shows that we have always had the community at the centre of the vision for Providence and we have never faltered from this path.

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